Design portfolio

I built my first website when I was 9 years old, when moving marquee text and bright yellow backgrounds with red text were awesome.
Luckily the internet has improved a lot since then, and so have my design skills. I’m in no way a professional designer, but I wanted to share some of my hobby projects with you:

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

Accessible healthcare is a human right. Unfortunately, it seems to be only in theory; millions worldwide lack access to the most life-saving drugs. Causes are diverse, and so are possible solutions. I think universities are a good starting point: a significant number of drugs originates from (publicly funded) research at universities. Students from Yale have shown that universities can take their responsibility in ensuring access to essential medicines for those in need (more about that here).

That’s why I joined universities allied for essential medicines, first in Maastricht (where I studied), later in Groningen. We try to raise awareness of the access to medicines problem and try to influence university policy regarding licensing of university findings. Above you can see some of the posters I made for some events. If you are interested in this topic, please read my essay about the flaws in our research system, and check the website of UAEM.

Maastricht Medical Students Research Conference

For over fifteen years the Maastricht Medical Students Research Conference (now called Mosa Conference) has allowed (bio)medical students to present their scientific research to a big audience and an international jury. Visitors can also attend interesting lectures and participate in workshops.

I organised the sixteenth edition in 2012, themed Human 2.0: Today’s life-saving and -improving innovations. As a member of the P.R. committee, I designed (among other things) the poster, website and tickets you can see above.


SV KoKo is a non-traditional student association in Maastricht. I’ve been a member during my bachelor. I participated in my year club and in two committees. For the P.R. committee I designed these posters. Three of them were distributed all over Maastricht. It’s an awesome feeling to see your poster on the streets!