Nederlandse samenvatting van mijn proefschrift

Introductie Bloedstolling is wonderbaarlijk. Het lichaam zorgt ervoor dat het grootste deel van de bloedingen wordt gestelpt, zonder dat we dat merken. Natuurlijk gaat er ook weleens iets mis: soms blijkt dit systeem niet opgewassen tegen het geweld dat de bloedvaten wordt aangedaan (denk hierbij aan operaties en ongelukken, maar ook aan jarenlange hoge bloeddruk) … Continue reading “Nederlandse samenvatting van mijn proefschrift”

Conference posters 2019

Hello mates, The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis’s (ISTH) conference has just ended. I always enjoy seeing all the new scientific ideas and talking to colleagues (so inspiring). I was also happy to be there with two posters. Did you miss them? You can find my poster about quality of life after switching from … Continue reading “Conference posters 2019”

Reporting a clinical trial result on the European registry: My nightmare journey

As you know, I’m a big fan of access to medicines.I’m a member of a group called Universities Allied for Essential Medicines. We believe universities can play a big role in solving the access to medicines crisis. We are currently campaigning for transparency.One example of that is clinical trial transparency.In short, by registering the results … Continue reading “Reporting a clinical trial result on the European registry: My nightmare journey”

The Fight against Antimicrobial Resistance

Every year, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines organises a week dedicated to one facet of the access to medicines crisis: the access to medicines week Last year, the theme was antimicrobial resistance. PanEssay (the Groningen medical study association) invited us to write an article about our events in this access to medicines week. We even … Continue reading “The Fight against Antimicrobial Resistance”

Stop the clot!

Vladimir Tichelaar, my colleague from the UMCG, has started a website “stop the clot weekly“. I thought it’d be nice to say hi from my site 🙂 As a practising clinician in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis you want to stay up-to-date with trending research in epidemiology as well as basic science. Because we … Continue reading “Stop the clot!”

This pharma activist bends the rules without breaking them. And saves lives in the process.

The Correspondent is a member-funded journalism platform. With the support of their members, they allow their correspondents to write about topics that may not fit a fast-paced news channel, but are very relevant. Today, I discovered this article about Wilbert Bannenberg. He helped to get HIV drugs into South Africa, and ban the sale of steroids to malnourished children. … Continue reading “This pharma activist bends the rules without breaking them. And saves lives in the process.”

Neglected diseases as a symptom of our failing research system

As (para)medical personnel we share the same goal: to improve and maintain health. As a clinician I work towards this goal by treating individual patients. As a PhD student I do research to improve treatment with anticoagulants. Pharmaceutical companies join in to “work together towards a healthy world”(1) and pursuit “helping people achieve their best … Continue reading “Neglected diseases as a symptom of our failing research system”