Jasper van Miert

Hello, I am Jasper van Miert.
I am a physician-researcher in the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands.

In the outpatient clinics I see patients who use anticoagulants to treat or prevent thrombosis, and patients who have bleeding problems.

My research focuses on the quality of anticoagulation of these patients, with the ultimate goal of predicting which anticoagulant would benefit an individual patient most. I’m currently doing a pilot study to evaluate the best treatment strategy in patients with atrial fibrillation who are currently well controlled by the thrombosis service.

When I’m not in the clinic, I like to hobby on my computer: creating websites (like this one) and posters, and program in R (which is incredibly useful in my research as well). I’ll showcase some of my work on my portfolio page.

Humanity has made vast progress over the past hundreds of years, and I think as many people as possible should benefit from this. That’s why I support the ideas of open-access and I strive for universal access to essential medicines as a member of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.
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